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We’re a Distributor of Maccaferri, leader in the business of specialized components for the geotechnical engineering and soil erosion control. And also BEKAERT, the global market leader in fibre technology for fibre reinforced concrete.


Steel fibres,Maccaferri

Steel fibres,Maccaferri

Steel fibres have been used to reinforce concrete for over 100 years since the first patent was applied for in 1874. Introducing fibres into the concrete provides new and improved mechanical properties; the fibres are distributed in three-dimensions throughout the concrete providing performance precisely where it is needed. 

Wirand® steel fibres have been produced by Maccaferri for more than 25 years. Wirand® fibres are manufactured with low carbon cold drawn steel wire with high strength resistance.

Steel fibres,Maccaferri

Introducing Wirand® steel fibres into the concrete mix provide new mechanical properties. We now have a new material, with improved mechanical properties that can enhance structural applications. The fibres can be included as a substitute for the common steel reinforcement, or as a complement, or for a better performance for strain that the common reinforcement can't absorb.

In mechanical and performance terms, by adding WIRAND® steel fibers to the concrete mix you can: 

  • Increase and get a stable of tensile strength under flexion load, which produces a ductile behavior
  • Increase impact resistance
  • Increase cyclic loads of resistance (fatigue effect)
  • Increase prevention of the plastic shrinkage crack
  • Increase the concrete performance against thermal variations
  • Get minor permeability

WIRAND® fibers reinforce concrete products with high labor time savings. The shape, the geometric configuration and the tensile strength of the fibers are important issues to guarantee a great adhesion between the fibers, the concrete paste and the aggregates.

The use of WIRAND® fibers in applications such as tunneling, industrial flooring,airport pavements, precast and pre compressed concrete represents an optimal and economical and technical solution. 

For other general structural solutions, WIRAND® fibers are an excellent complement to control effects that common rebar reinforced can absorb, producing a new material normally called High Performance Concrete.

Wirand® steel fibres are easy to add into the concrete mix without any problems. They are specially designed to be added with the aggregate gradation of the mix. Maccaferri supply both manual and automatic Dosing Equipment for all batching requirements. This equipment ensures that the chance of fibre balls is virtually eliminated.

WIRAND® steel fibers come in carton boxes of 20 kg for easy handling, or in large bags 600kg – 800kg to use with our dosage machine services.

Industrial Flooring and Pavement
Wirand® steel fibres redistribute the forces within the concrete, restraining the mechanism of formation propagation and extension of cracks. The result is a more ductile reinforced concrete which is able to maintain a residual capacity in the post-cracking phase. 

Key Application

    • Logistics Centres / Warehouses
    • Tilt-up construction
    • Container & harbor terminals
    • Residential slabs
    • Airport slabs and runways
    • Composite metal decks
    • Concrete roads
    • Slab on piles
    • Floors with high thermal range
    • Concrete repairs
    • Tank farm slabs
    • Foundations (strips/slabs)
    • Commercial flooring
    • White topping
    • Parking areas & garages

    Tunnelling and Shotcrete
    Tunnelling and Shotcrete Applications

    • Temporary Lining:
    • Final Lining:
    • Steel Fibre Reinforced Concrete Precast Tunnel

Steel fibres,Maccaferri

Steel fibres,Maccaferri

Steel fibres,Maccaferri

Key Application

  • Precase tunnel segments
  • Pipes and water tanks
  • Manhole components
  • Jersey barriers
  • Basement walls
  • Railway sleepers
  • Complex shaped products
  • Modular concrete elements
  • Drain components
  • Slender concrete products
  • Prestressed/post tensioned beams

Technical Data Sheets / Specifications

Steel fibres,Maccaferri

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